Hummingbirds in Popular Culture

Hummingbirds in Culture

The Hummingbird is a very popular type of bird and one that people seem to adore. Therefore, it isn’t a surprise to find that they are found in many spectrums of popular culture. The Aztecs were one of the first known cultures to embrace the beauty and representation of the Hummingbird.

They wore talismans that had Hummingbirds on them as a symbol of the vigor of their people. These birds have also been a symbol of energy and work in various cultures. They show that when a group is able to work as a team they will be able to accomplish great things.

In times of war the symbol of the Hummingbird would take on another role. For the males it was a masculine symbol of what they were going to do in an effort to protect their people. The beak of the Hummingbird was seen as being very sharp and therefore it would represent weapons and bloodshed.

The god of war and the god of the sun in the Ohlone culture was a left handed Hummingbird. The name of this god was Huitzilopochti. The story behind this god is that he is the one that brought the gift of fire to Earth for humans. The Cherokee Indians believed that the Hummingbird was a protector of them.

Early drawings show that they respected the Hummingbird even though it was small and delicate. They have etchings of it in caves and on art. There are also totems of the Hummingbird that were believed to be carved and then displayed in the area to protect the tribe of Indians from various dangers.

There are numerous stories that span the Hopi and Zuni cultures about the Hummingbird being helpful to man. These stories tell about dangers to humans and how the birds were able to guide them to food, to help them find their way from danger, and that rain was also delivered to Earth by the hummingbirds pleasing the gods.

Pima legend says that the Hummingbird is the one that went with Noah and not the dove to find out if there was land that they could survive on after the great flood. While many scholars have debated that story it is one that continues to be passed along to new generations through the Pima family history and story telling.

Disney has always had the power of captivating the audience with animation that has characteristics of real animals. They portray the Hummingbird in various stories. Some of them are Cinderella and Pocahontas. These birds are usually drawn to the heroine in the story due to her lovely voice. They are seen fluttering around her as she sings and moves through the woods.

There are quite a few children’s books too that have Hummingbirds in them. Many of them are fables that give as story that also has a lesson in it for the child to take away and apply to their own lives.

Tattoos have become very popular in our culture and one of the icons that people decide to get is the Hummingbird. They are a fun design and the fact that they are able to move quickly and survive even being small is often seen a symbol that size shouldn’t be something that underestimates the beauty and the intelligence of someone.

Hummingbird tattoos are very popular due to the many colors of them as well. It is a great way to have a lively tattoo that is also tasteful at the same time. Many women don’t want huge tattoos either so this small species of bird is just perfect.

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